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Corporate Workshops

Creative Meeting

The Digital Transformation requires new skills matched with the existing skills. Based on our consulting practice we have developed workshop formats to speed up this knowledge matching. 

Our corporate workshops are adapted to your needs.  We don't talk about commonplaces,  we are up to the point which matters for you. Any topic from our individual workshops can be tailored to your corporation.


In addition, we have the following exclusive topics which are designed to help department managers and top management to get into the most challenging topics on your Digital Transformation roadmap:

Focus Customer Workshops

Topics for Workshops:

Building an Organisation where the customer is the focal point. Align Sales, Service and Marketing to draw a holistic customer picture. Consider the differences in culture and law in each market in the customer-focused picture. Apply technology to drive the Net Promoter Score and increase customer loyalty.

These workshops will enable the managers to design the customer-focused organisation in the digital age.

Focus Data Monetization Workshops

Topics for the Workshops:

Understanding the value of data. How to lift the value of data. AI-driven data value chains. Building profitable business models around your data. 

Built your data-driven organisation to reduce Time-to-Market.

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